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The hurricane season in the Atlantic starts in June and lasts until the end of November. Hurricanes bring about heavy winds and torrential rains that are potentially damaging to your residential or commercial property. Flood damage remediation in Pinellas Park is a concern when disaster strikes. Residents in hurricane-prone places like Florida should already know by now that planning in advance is essential in coping with natural disasters like hurricanes. Once large storms form into swirling hurricanes, weather forecasters are able to tell the path that the hurricane will pass through, giving people enough time to take necessary precautionary procedures before a landfall. Fortunately, for storm damage restoration in Pinellas Park, there is a trusted team of experts that can be called in to handle the job in the aftermath of any disaster.

Storm surges, coupled with heavy rains, would inevitably result in great flooding, especially if you live along the coast. These floods do not only damage the interior of your property but even your lawn or yards as well. Calling in professionals to manage water damage restoration services in Pinellas Park should be done immediately after any natural disaster, but it is also essential to take a few preventive measures to control possible damage to your property. Prepare your lawn for the hurricane season by following these tips.

1.  Inspect your plants.

Checking the trees and plants on your lawn ensures that no debris will be a hazard once a hurricane hits your area. Dead or loose branches might break windows during heavy winds or even fall to the ground if not removed immediately. Remove size-able hazards out of the way to avoid accidents.

2.  Check your drainage areas.

Heavy winds and rains would carry a substantial amount of debris with them, usually dead leaves and small rocks. Ensuring that your drainage is not clogged will make rainwater flow freely on gutters and avoid more severe flooding on your lawn.

3.  Store away your lawn furniture.

Move your plants and pots inside your garage or other sheltered areas inside your property. Any object, ranging from the likes of birdhouses, garden gnomes, or even bicycles, should be stored away before a hurricane to refrain from unexpected projectiles that might hurl through your doors or windows.

4.  Keep a list of emergency contact numbers.

Aside from keeping a handy list of emergency, health, and insurance providers in your phone-book, include a contact number for a team of experts who will immediately assess possible damage to your property and help take care of clean-up operations that might need professional services using qualified techniques and state-of-the-art equipment.

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