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High-rise buildings have gained significant awareness in the fire safety world over the years. Several floors of a high-rise building require several people to travel long distances by stairs in order to evacuate a building. 

The types of buildings involved can either be:

By practicing hazard preparedness, we can improve the likelihood that building occupants remain safe during disasters such as fires and other crises.

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What is an emergency evacuation plan?

An emergency evacuation plan involves the urgent departure or escape of people away from an area that contains: 

Evacuations range from the small-scale evacuation of a building due to : 

What to do during an emergency evacuation?

Step 1: Evaluate the Situation

Step 2: Make an Evacuation Route Plan

Step 3: Select a Safe Escape Route

Step 4: Proceed with Caution to an Exit

Step 5: Keep Some Distance

Step 6: Report to Responders

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