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Single Application Kills Bacteria For Up To 90 Days

ServiceMaster by Disaster Relief, a leading provider of essential cleaning and disinfecting services in Clearwater, Florida, is introducing a new antiseptic and antimicrobial service that can actively kill microorganisms on surfaces for up to 90 days.

ServiceMaster Brands, based in Memphis, Tenn., recently entered into an exclusive agreement with Goldshield Technologies, developer of proprietary antimicrobial products, EPA approved for a wide variety of applications, including hospitals, daycares, schools, senior living facilities, gyms, salons and restaurants. When combined with ServiceMaster by Disaster Relief’s expert cleaning and sanitizing protocols, the new antimicrobial protection takes infection prevention beyond disinfection, helping to keep facilities free from dangerous microbes for weeks.

“This new service has significant benefits for businesses that have high volumes of human traffic” said Michael Larsen and ServiceMaster by Disaster Relief.

“With our current protocol, we can thoroughly clean and disinfect a space, but it can potentially be re-infected when people come in. Goldshield antimicrobial protection prevents most bacteria from re-infecting a surface for weeks. It provides a significant additional level of protection.”

Goldshield can be applied by commercial pressure sprayer or pump-sprayer to most surfaces including countertops, fabrics and carpet. It forms a strong chemical bond that will not leach off, and it remains on the surface even through subsequent cleanings. The water-based formulation poses no respiratory or contact risk.

Goldshield products have been the subject of more than 40 evidence-based studies conducted by independent laboratories, including three peer-reviewed studies in the American Journal of Infection Control. In a 2017 article in AJIC, it stated, “Sustained reductions of bioburden with the monthly application of (Goldshield) may be associated with significant reductions in the risk of health care-associated infections.”1. It has been proven to kill 99.9%-99.99% of disease-causing organisms.