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Floods are common in the state of Florida, due to its relatively flat terrain which makes it difficult to drain water. Flooding is considered a coast-to-coast threat that brings destruction and imparts small to severe damages to lives and property. In fact, the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) requires more flood insurance policies in Florida than any other US state.

Most Floridians are already equipped to deal with this frequent hazard, but for people new to Florida or those who haven’t had any experience with flooding before, it is crucial to learn about the hidden dangers and risks of floodwater beforehand to stay safe especially during the Atlantic hurricane season. ServiceMaster by Disaster Relief discusses them below.   

Flood Dangers and Risks

Flood Hazard Information (from

Dangers and Risks of Flooding Events

Electric Shock

Injury From Sharp Objects And Unstable Structures

Infectious Diseases From Open Wounds

Chemical Poisoning

Bacterial Infection From Fecal Matter

Danger Of Displaced Wildlife

Preparing for a Flood

Here are some steps to take before a flood, as seen on

1. Create a communications plan and discuss it with your family. If there is still time, review it to make sure that each member is aware of their function when disaster hits.

2. Assemble an emergency kit. It must include:

3. Know your risk. Research if your area is a high-risk zone to make the necessary preparations for evacuation, which can help save lives.

4. Know your emergency alerts and warnings.

5. Prepare your property for flooding. Flash floods can occur within minutes, so it’s best to protect your home from flood entry with the use of sand bags or other materials ahead of time. Check your plumbing to have any damage repaired to prevent leaks or back ups in your drains. Also, it would be best to purchase flood insurance in advance since basic homeowners insurance does not cover flood damage.

6. Prepare your family and pets. Evacuations can be spontaneous, so do not wait until the last minute to pack or gather essentials. Make plans as to where to stay in case you are evacuated. The full impact of a flood isn’t over until your community has been restored. When it’s time to get your community back to normal, count on the experts at

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