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The new year is here, leaving the holiday season behind. After all the parties and gatherings, what’s left is the tedious task of packing decorations and putting things back in order. Carpets are cleaned, floors are vacuumed, sheets are washed, and the entire house is cleaned from top to bottom. As every corner is inspected and dusted, one may find mold silently growing out of sight.

There are many factors that cause mold to grow after the holiday season:

When you find mold indoors, it’s tempting to remove it all on your own. However, you may end up scattering mold spores and worsening the infestation. The best way to deal with mold after the holidays is to call a professional to eliminate it.

Why Hire a Professional to Remove Mold from Your Home?

Professionals like ServiceMaster by Disaster Relief know the ins and outs of mold remediation. We have the training, experience, tools, and processes to isolate mold growth, remove it from the affected area, and apply treatments to inhibit regrowth. You save time and effort with an effective service that is priced competitively.

Schedule an Appointment With One of Our Mold Remediation Professionals

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You can count on ServiceMaster by Disaster Relief when disasters strike. Join our customers today and experience competitive mold remediation services in Pinellas County, Florida.


Your personal assistance and pleasant attitude were very welcome at a tough time for us. Your entire group of backup helpers were very hard workers and cleaned up afterwards

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