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Proper maintenance is crucial to building safety. There is a need to perform regular inspections in homes or businesses to ensure that equipment are all in good working condition in order to avoid hazards or prepare for emergencies.

One part of basic home and building maintenance is checking smoke detectors. These devices are protective systems against smoke and fire emergencies and are easily maintained. The National Fire Prevention Association reports that homes without working smoke detectors will cause residential fires to be more than twice as likely to turn deadly.

Functional smoke alarms serve as an early warning during a fire incident and can save lives. ServiceMaster by Disaster Relief has listed some tips to ensure that your smoke detectors are working properly.

How to Check Smoke Alarms

Regular inspection and testing of smoke detectors is important. Here’s how to properly conduct a smoke detector check in your home or office.

Know the kind of smoke detector you own

Inform your family, employees and/or customers

Know the range of the smoke alarm sound

Conduct a monthly test

Change the batteries

Test your detector's capability to detect smoke

Clean your smoke alarm

Make replacements every 10 years

Install smoke alarms in appropriate places

Comply with regulations

Follow manufacturer instructions

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