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With high levels of moisture and humidity, mold growth can become widespread and infest large areas inside the home. After a recent water damage event, such as leaks, overflows, backups or other forms of flooding, mold can start growing in as little as 24 to 48 hours.

Time is a critical factor when dealing with mold, so it is important for property owners to handle the situation properly to prevent its development. Learn some tips from the experts of ServiceMaster by Disaster Relief.

Conditions for Mold Development

Unattended moisture can lead to mold growth, whether it is in your home or in your office. Here are the four things that molds need so that they can grow:

The conditions of oxygen and temperature are usually met in any indoor environment. Food sources can easily be found in the back paper of drywall or particles in the water, making the addition of liquid water into the cavity wall that should be taken care of right away.

Common Types Of Mold Found Indoors

Mold comes in many different forms; in fact, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there are probably tens of thousands of types of molds, if not more. Molds are vital in the decomposition of leaves, plants, and trees. Mold can degrade natural materials like wood and leaves, causing structural harm to your home.

Here are a few types of mold commonly encountered in various areas of a building:







Health Risks Of Mold

While some mold species are not harmful, others create allergens, irritants, and even toxins. Allergens are chemicals that can trigger allergic reactions in some people. Inhaling or contacting mold or its spores can cause allergic responses.

Here are some allergic reactions that you can experience when you are affected by mold spores:

Prolonged exposure can cause chronic lung problems. Those who already suffer from asthma and allergies are more likely to have more severe symptoms when exposed to mold spores.

Steps to Prevent Mold Growth

Whether water damage is caused by a storm surge or another weather event, if the water is contained inside or behind walls, the conditions for mold growth are almost certainly present.

It’s better to act quickly to minimize the damage and prevent the mold from spreading. The moisture that is creating the mold will be evaluated and removed by ServiceMaster by Disaster Relief.

Immediately dry areas

Be aware of warning signs.

Take a peek outside.

Removing damaged materials.

Mold sensitivity affects some people, and this can be damaging to their health. If this is the first time you’ll be dealing with water inside your home or structure, make sure to take extra precautions to check for mold.

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