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Is there a situation in your home or business that needs sewage cleanup services?   Yes, ServiceMaster by Disaster Relief

Many homeowners and commercial businesses face the inevitability of sewage backup in Oldsmar, Florida and it is an unfortunate event that usually happens when there is an overflow of sewage water visible in your toilet, in your drains, or even in your sink. This may be caused by a blockage or other sewage line problems.

Sewage is a waste material which contains viruses that may lead to various serious risks and diseases. It not only affects the health aspects of an individual but  this might cause  damages in  your home and valuables  and can produce destruction and stress. Thus, if you are experiencing sewage backup it is important to know what causes sewage backup that might help you prevent this situation in your home and even in your commercial business as well as for your future references.

Causes of Sewage Backups:

  • Clogs – Clogs consists of hairs, grease and any solid materials that get caught up in your drainage system, pipe or main sewer line. You will know clog happens when sewage water went back up and if the clog is not detected immediately, sewage from the main line can overflow in houses and businesses through floor drains.
  • Damaged and Aged Sewer Lines –  According to American Society of Civil Engineers, there are average over thirty years old sewer lines; thus, aged sewer lines contribute to breakage and cracks leading to sewage backups and an increase in flooded basements around the area of Oldsmar, Florida. Replace pipes from time to time.
  • Combined pipelines – Issues can arise if you combine storm water and sewage into the same pipeline system. It is recommended to build different pipelines for different uses to prevent overflows in your basement and other underlying systems. This results to lesser financial and valuable damages.

How to Prevent Sewage Backup:

  • Proper grease disposal – Do not pour the grease directly into drainage; greases of any type has tendencies to solidify and could create a clog. After cooking, allow the hot liquid harden and dispose it in the garbage bin instead of pouring it down the drain.
  • Proper Disposal of Toiletries – Flushing paper towels, baby and feminine products into the toilet does not make the trash go away, but instead they produce a blockage down the sewer line that could cause damages to businesses and home. Dispose your trash on garbage bins. Also, be aware of tangled hairs; these can cause serious clogs.
  • Install a BackWater Prevention Valve – This is a fixture installed into  a sewer line and sometimes into a drain line in the basement of your commercial businesses or homes. This makes sewage go away and prevents backflows.

Because sewage backup is alarming, it is essential to address the damages right away; in a worst-case scenario, the longer the water stands in your property, there will  be an increased build up of mold if these concerns are left unattended and neglected. This could lead to even more financial and infrastructure damages, that is why we recommend you to address the concerns immediately to decrease time-consuming sufferings. Since sewage is contaminated with hazardous material, we refer you to contact not just anybody but the best company, ServiceMaster by Disaster Relief who is experienced and a professional in doing the sewage cleanup services.

ServiceMaster by Disaster Relief is an IICRC-certified emergency damage restoration and cleaning firm servicing Pinellas County, Florida and its surrounding areas. Our sewage cleanup professionals are well-trained and well-experienced to remove sewage backup on your property and restore it to pre-disaster condition. Emergency situations like this need quick solutions and our team can deliver effective and efficient cleaning services within schedule. We have the tools and equipment to ensure proper cleanup and our years of experience are sure to guarantee your trust. We value customer satisfaction and strive to give you services worthy of every penny you pay us.

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