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One of the dreadful situations during this high-technology age is the occurrence of a power outage. Considering that everything is being operated by electricity, a power outage carries a huge burden to both residential areas and commercial establishments.

Electricity makes our lives easy, comfortable and productive, as it runs our computers, televisions, air-conditioning units, refrigeration, and other devices and gadgets at home and offices. It also facilitates the production, preparation, and distribution of food. As a matter of fact, farmers utilize electricity for grinders, threshers, and all food producing equipment.

Since electricity is significant as it directly affects our daily living conditions, the government opted to secure an investment in this aspect as a wise move towards efficiency.

But why do power outages still occur? Can the government just implement a 100% free outage society? Basically, the government is spending a huge amount of money to build infrastructures and purchase modern pieces of equipment to boost the output proficiency of electricity that is expected to prevent frequent power outage. Meaning, nobody, not even the government, can prevent the happening or occurrence of a power outage primarily because not everything is manageable through the use of  computers, like the Force Majeure and Fortuitous Events.

There are several sources of outages, but few of the noted and popular causes of a power outage are storms, heat, snow and trees. As a result, it is actually troublesome when a power outage takes place because most of equipment and household appliances are powered by electricity.

At any rate, the most important thing to undertake during a power outage is to secure yourself and your family from all upcoming events. In short, you should always be ready for this kind of situation to keep your love ones and property safe and sound.

The key factor that plays a vital role to ensure safety is proper preparation.

With proper preparation, you will be able to secure your family by providing them with the pertinent orientation on different disasters, their respective effects, and how to handle any relevant issues. A complete checklist as to the things to be undertaken before and during a power outage is mandatory.

To protect your home, a power generator is an important equipment to be purchased. It is needed during a blackout to prevent accidents, as it provides a provisional source of electricity to keep your house well-lighted as well as to maintain your food’s freshness. Then, the only thing to watch out for is the accumulation of carbon dioxide. Due to its harmful effect, you should learn how to install an appropriate alarm system to detect its presence. That way, you will be able to undertake steps to increase the safe ventilation of your house.

To stay safe inside the house, if a power generator is not available, you should prepare flashlights because the tendency is that, if a household does not have one, the members of the family will surely use candles to illuminate the place. Candles can be hazardous due to the reason that they may cause house fires.

To keep your devices, appliances and set of equipment safe, you should turn off and unplug all unnecessary electrical apparatus, including sensitive electronics, the purpose of which is to keep your electronic  belongings  away from the power surge that may damage them when the electricity comes back. Aside from this, if you think that a particular device or appliance has been damaged by a power outage or surge, do not plug it in for a test run because it might also start a fire or an explosion.

Also, you should make sure that no gas is leaking inside your house, which might cause a fire.

On the other hand,  even with right and comprehensive preparation, a power outage will still take place sooner or later. To effect, properties are damaged  due to the fierce and uncontrollable power of storms.

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