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In Florida, where we at ServiceMaster by Disaster Relief, like many others, operate our business, we know all too well the wrath of hurricane season. Year after year, we witness the raw power of these storms and the profound impact they can have on our commercial properties. It’s with this first-hand knowledge and deep-rooted care for our fellow business owners that we pen down the details about how hurricanes affect our commercial properties in the Sunshine State and the role of effective damage restoration processes.

Hurricane Facts

Why is My Commercial Property at Risk?

Commercial properties, by virtue of their size and complex structure, are particularly susceptible to hurricane-related damage. The adverse effects aren’t confined to the immediate impact of the hurricane alone. The aftermath is equally severe, bringing with it flooding, fires, mold growth, and a host of structural damages.

As per the data from the Insurance Information Institute, in 2022, the insured losses from natural disasters, including hurricanes in the U.S, amounted to $98.885 billion, while economic losses (which “includes any direct physical damage or direct net loss business interruption costs”) amounted to $164.879 billion.

Hurricanes can affect commercial properties in a lot of ways. Some of these are:

Structural Damage

Hurricanes can cause severe structural damage to commercial properties. This can include damage to roofs, walls, windows, and other structural elements due to the intense winds and heavy rain.


Hurricanes often bring substantial rain and, if near the coast, storm surges. This can lead to extensive flooding, which can damage both the structure of a property and the contents within it.

Power Outages

The strong winds and heavy rainfall associated with hurricanes often lead to widespread power outages. This can halt operations in a commercial property and lead to losses.

Fire Risks

Hurricanes can increase the risk of fire. Lightning during the storm, downed power lines, or even gas leaks caused by the hurricane’s damage can lead to fires.

Business Interruption

Hurricanes can lead to extended periods of business interruption. This is due to both the immediate impact of the hurricane and the time needed for recovery and restoration afterward.

Mold Growth

Post-hurricane, the increased moisture and potential for water intrusion can lead to mold growth, which can further damage the property and impact indoor air quality.

Infrastructure and Access Impact

Hurricanes can damage surrounding infrastructure (roads, bridges, etc.), which can limit access to a commercial property, hindering recovery efforts and affecting supply chains.

That's Tough. How Do I Prevent Hurricane Damage to My Business?

Preventing or mitigating hurricane damage can be a challenging task for any business owner, but fortunately, some steps can be taken to minimize potential losses. Here are a few preventative measures:

REMEMBER: no plan can guarantee complete prevention of hurricane damage in Oldsmar, Florida, but these steps can significantly help reduce potential losses and speed up recovery time after a disaster.

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