You are currently viewing Is Water Damage Covered by Homeowners Insurance in Pinellas County, Florida?

Most homeowners are still confused which of the water damages is covered by their insurance policies.To be truthful, it depends on the insurance company’s policy. Some insurance policies specified in detail its coverage when it comes to damages, but some do not.

Most likely the scenario would be like this, when you claim for the insurance damages, the insurance company would send its agent to investigate and assess the situational scenario if your claim is covered or not, which depends on certain cases:

Standard home insurance policies covers water damages for cases like:

  1. Water damages have to be sudden or accidental and internal (the water has never touched the outside ground) like burning, tearing, cracking, or bulging of a steam, heating, AC, or automatic fire protection system. It’s more or less about the type of water damage, but rather what is the reason behind the damage occurrence.
  2. For cases of open-peril or all-risk policy or standard HO3 policies, it has been stipulated as stated in 16 perils or situations. An HO-3 insurance policy is a form of home insurance that will protect policyholders against property damage, legal liabilities and other expenses associated with unexpected disasters befalling your home. To name some perils covered:

Snow storm or Rain.

Snow, rain and ice dams are covered under water damages since it falls under the category of weather-related perils or considered windstorm and weight of snow perils.


Falling under the category of ‘accidental discharge’ or ‘overflow of water or steam’, water damages due to a quick or rapid bursts or blockages which includes burst pipes, frozen plumbing, faulty plumbing, air conditioners, outdoor sprinklers, water heaters, fire sprinkler systems, accidental overflow  and other pipings of your home.

Water damage after extinguishing a fire.

After every fire incident when fire sprinklers are operated and any water damage or mold that resulted would be covered.


Under the category of ‘malicious activity’ peril, vandalism or any form of defacement or wreaking of your plumbing system which resulted to water damage is considered covered.

Some other notable forms:

  • An accidental overflow of an appliance or fixture (bathtub, washing machine or toilet)
  • A leaking roof (coverage on interior parts only)
  • Molds (if it is the result of covered water damage)

For cases that are not covered by insurance policy:

1. Flooding.

Since it is a general occurrence and even when it is weather related peril, flooding is not covered by water damage. It is advisable to get a separate flood insurance through FEMA’s National Flood Insurance Program.

2. Water damage due to overuse (neglected rusting pipe leaks) or poorly-maintained pipes.

If  irresponsible negligence or damage due to deterioration may be the cause, the insurance may not be able to claim for the repairs.

3. Gradual damage.

Gradual damage is a damage that occurs unknowingly and slowly over time. It is the owners obligation to maintain the good condition of his property. The best sample is paint chipping off a wall which started as a small chip, as time passed the whole wall was uncovered.

4. Water from Sewages.

Sewage waters that overflows from drains into your house are not covered by insurance.

5. Ground seepage- happens with water below ground started moving up your house which caused water damages.

Summary: Water damages for insurance claims confuses people. Cases covered: sudden/accidental, open-peril policies(16 perils-snow storm/rain, plumbing, vandalism and etc.)Uncovered cases: flooding, poorly-maintained, gradual damage, sewages waters, and others.

Insurance policies do seem too good to be true, however, one should be wary before purchasing an insurance policy to ensure they fully understand the scope of its coverage.

If still doubtful of the coverage of your insurance policies, prevention is one of the solutions. Proper prevention and maintenance not only save you time and effort, it can save you eventually money-cost and anxiety relief in the future. Prevention through an annual scheduled household checkup by qualified, professional and expert in water damages and ServiceMaster by Disaster Relief can help you with your household problem.

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