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Residences and business establishments in Clearwater, Florida are not exceptions to disasters. Florida is a state often visited by storms during the annual hurricane season. Powerful hurricanes and other severe weather phenomena cause serious damages to structures, vehicles, personal belongings and even human life. People new to Florida need to perform a comprehensive inspection of their property and work on target areas to sustain damages when a hurricane strikes.

No amount of preparation, however, could totally eliminate the risk of hurricane or storm damage. Restoration and remediation companies such as ServiceMaster by Disaster Relief are hired to deal with the aftermath of a disaster, such as flood damage restoration and repair services. Some people are often inclined to perform do-it-yourself cleanups during a disaster, but this can possibly make matters worse. Learn about disasters and why professional assistance is required for the effective handling of losses.

Effects of Disasters

Each year, thousands of people are affected by both man-made and naturally occurring disasters, such as hurricanes, floods, fires, or earthquakes. Disasters can:

Hurricanes or Flooding


Why Choose ServiceMaster by Disaster Relief?

Choosing a professional ensures a transparent and effective response. ServiceMaster by Disaster Relief offers waterstorm and mold damage restoration services, and our team of qualified and experienced specialists can return your Clearwater property to normal in no time.

We will:

ServiceMaster by Disaster Relief extends assistance to residents and businesses in Clearwater, Florida to recover from the effects of disasters. We offer homes and businesses complete disaster mitigation and recovery services.

Make an Appointment for Storm Damage Restoration in Clearwater, Florida

ServiceMaster by Disaster Relief is of service to completely cover property damages through professional remediation and restoration. We are on-call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at (813) 295-7797. You may also connect with us online to schedule an appointment. We serve residential and commercial properties in Clearwater, Florida and the surrounding areas. 

The sooner our professional team comes in, holds an appraisal and gets started on the drying and restoration, the sooner your life could return to normal. Don’t know what to do next? We do. Contact us today.