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By the latest statistical monitoring records according to the National Inter-agency Fire Center, from January 1 to May 10, 2019, there occurred 10,625 wildfires where about 211,923 acres were burned while in 2018, there had been 58,083 wildfires and about 8.8 million acres were burned. Furthermore, according to the U.S. Department of Interior, 90 percent of wildland fires in the United States are caused by people.

Wildfire is a man-caused natural disaster that should be taken seriously. One of the main causes of wildfire is campfires during the summer season. Outdoor activities like summer campfires can be enjoyable and fun without the hassles of anxiety and fear through awareness and safe fire practices. Let ServiceMaster by Disaster Relief, having a combined 30 plus years of industry experience, especially with fires, give you tips on how to prevent summer fires from happening. This article is limited to open campfire prevention for informative purposes only.

Open Campfire Safety Tips

Safety Tip No. 1: Observe Safety Rules

Most parks and camps impose strict rules and regulations. Follow and adhere to their campfire rules and regulations; there are even times when fires are not allowed.

Safety Tip No. 2: Have a Safe and Controlled Spot

Before starting a fire, pick a safe spot where it will not potentially spread out. Basically, dig out a small and shallow pit by scrapping away grass and leaves and surrounding it with big rocks. Have emergency water and shovel nearby to be ready in case something happens. Assign a knowledgeable person to be in charge of the campfire area and the responsibility of putting out the fire after an activity ends.

Safety Tip No. 3: Control and Manage the Use of Fire

Build your bonfire or campfire in the middle of a dirt-surrounded area and totally away from combustible elements like dried leaves, hanging tree branches, and tent areas. Safely guard the area by separating the wood that you will be using within the cleared area. Keep lighter fluids or matches out of the reach of children. The size of the fire should only be enough for cooking and should not be played with.

Safety Tip No. 4: Extinguish Fire after Use

Use water and shovel dirt and do the safe and trusted method–the “drown, stir and feel” method. First, drown the fire with water. Second, stir the area with the shovel and put out any remaining embers with water. Third, feel the area using the back of your hands for remaining glowing small fire sparklers.

Always bear in mind that during an outdoor activity, stay alert all the time and be conscious of safety and environmental responsibility. By practicing the above safety tips, you can have a good memorable summer campfire activity with fewer hassles!

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