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Being in the coastal parts of Oldsmar, Florida can make your home or business susceptible to water damage brought by flooding. Home maintenance issues can be time-consuming and difficult, so it’s best to prevent problems from arising, especially in the case of water damage.

There are ways to prevent damage to your home and your floors. ServiceMaster by Disaster Relief names a few.

How to Prevent Water Damage

1. Identify and Probe the Cause of the Problem, Whether It Is Outside or Inside the House.

If located outside the house, perform the following:

Check the outside perimeter of your house to find the source of water.

Check the roof.

Inspect the utility and plumbing pipes near greenery and trees.

Examine and clean gutters to assure continuous water flow and the avoidance of blockage.

Probe and clean your downspouts of debris like accumulated leaves.

If located inside the house, you can do these:

Understand your water system.

Check your pipes.

Assess tubs and showers by being certain about water tightness and leakages, if necessary.

2. Call a professional to fix the problems.

Take action immediately by calling ServiceMaster by Disaster Relief. Procrastination and a do-then-postpone attitude will make the problem worse as time passes by. It may even be too late especially if unexpected weather and thunderstorms come around.

3. Create and maintain preventive measures.

For additional tips, below are some suggestions:

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