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A foul odor is a typical indicator of a problem that needs to be addressed right away. Whether it is in your home or place of business, it can be a nuisance, and it is embarrassing when a bad smell permeates the air. Sometimes, people have no idea that smell is coming from their pipes until they see discolored water coming out of their drainage in the bathroom. When this happens, you know you have a sewage backup disaster.

Sewage backup can pose a major problem once it manifests in your household or your property. A sewage backup is what happens when water literally backs up to your home’s drainage from the sewer systems and comes out of the lowest sewage openings inside your house⁠—usually in the basement or shower drainage. This phenomenon is unavoidable when there is a problem in the city’s sanitary sewer system. Although there can still be enough time for the city manager to inform the households of a possible sewer backup that might occur, it is best to ensure that you have secured the right number to call for sewer cleanup.

Sewer emergencies, like a sewage backup, can pose immediate health hazards for the people residing inside households or properties. For one, the stink that drainage emits once sewage waters start to bubble up on your bathroom floor is a nasty sight besides being unpleasant to smell. Also, gray sewage water flooding back to the surface can contain bacteria and microbes that can be harmful to people when left stagnant. This contaminated water can also result in water damage to your property and even electrical malfunctions to your home. When this happens, immediately arrange a sewage cleanup appointment for a prompt cleanup of the damage while also reducing your inconvenience as a homeowner. Living around a foul odor coming from such a closeted space can be very irritating. This could disrupt your daily routine and can probably make you become unproductive instead.

A sewage backup cleaning service is the answer in disposing of your hazardous water during a sewage backup to prevent health risks to the people in your residence or property. ServiceMaster by Disaster Relief is the first to take action when it comes to serious water problems. We have highly trained personnel that can do the necessary repairs for you that your home or your property needs after a sewage disaster. Our IICRC-certified water damage specialists can clean up your household to prevent further damage to your pipes and to save you the trouble of having to endure the dangers of sewage backup. You can avoid having to deal with the smell and health hazards brought by sewage backup by calling in the experts to take care of your problem for you

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