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Disasters such as hurricanes and thunderstorms are typical in Florida. There is a time every year when Floridians experience destructive thunderstorms and hurricanes that could cause huge damage to their properties. Hurricanes can bring flash floods, hard rains, and water damage, and can destroy anything that stands in their way.

The hurricane season is here, so it’s best to prepare your property and family for whatever happens. Here are some tips from ServiceMaster by Disaster Relief.

Before a Hurricane

The state of Florida is vulnerable to hurricanes due to its location. Most Floridians are already aware of this fact and are already adept at hurricane preparedness. If you are new to Florida, consider asking your neighbors or friends to get a general idea about what preparations to make before a hurricane strikes.

Disaster preparedness is the key to increasing your chances of surviving a disaster and keeping you and your family safe. Here are some tips from

Make a plan

Build a kit

Teach your kids about preparedness

Other Hurricane Preparedness Tips

After a Hurricane

Hurricanes can result in a lot of damage to property, and if this ever happens to you, here is a checklist on what you need to take care of after the hurricane has passed.

Start at the roof and work your way down

Take a look at the electrical outlets

Check for water damage inside and outside your property

Document all damages

These are just some of the things that you can do after a hurricane and it is always best to perform a routine check before the storm. You have to keep in mind that water and storm damage needs to be promptly addressed as they may lead to more serious issues, such as mold and irreparable structural repairs.

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